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Karen & Gracie on pick-up day from the MHWF

Hello & WELCOME to my website! I been in love with horses for over 50 years.  Though I am interested in competitive techniques, competition within myself to be the best that I can be for the horses, for myself & for my clients is what I find most enjoyable.  Besides that, my first love will always be long trail rides off the beaten path.  Pioneer life would have been quite agreeable!  I first began riding in high school.  In the late 1980's I met a fellow horse enthusiast who invited me to ride daily (for hours at a time at a trot) on the many trails in northern Wisconsin, I was forever hooked!  Deer, bear, coyotes, grouse, dirt bikes, ATV's, bridges, water crossings (puddles to ponds), fallen (& falling) trees, steep hills, thunderstorms (lightning--not recommended :-)... picking berries to make jams and pies, butterfly meadows, cool forests and hidden lakes, etc., etc...  It all became part of the riding routine on a trusty mount who learned with me how to "do it all."

More than 10 years and thousands of riding hours later, I was introduced to Natural Horsemanship at a University of Wisconsin-Madison clinic. I had just moved to the Madison area from Kentucky and was invited to check out this "new" way of horsemanship. Though intrigued, I still had small children at home so, I didn’t seriously get involved in the natural movement until 2001.  Inspired by all that was beginning to take place within the relationship with the horses and the changes within myself as I learned, I decided to pursue the wisdom of several highly regarded national & international natural horsemen and their mentors. The more I pursued, the more astonished I became at how amazing a relationship could be with a horse.  Riding was just one aspect and revelations were appearing constantly. People were noticing the changes in my horses and had asked what I was doing. As I shared and started to help others "just for fun," I realized that maybe I could offer something more. 

In 2006, I decided to start my own lesson & training business which is, of course, Adoration Equine! My business grew nicely and I have met some amazing clients and friends over the past 12 years. In 2014, I relocated to Anamosa, IA. While it took me a while to find a suitable location to work out of and to keep my horses, I finally feel I'm getting reorganized. I always look forward to new clients, friends and adventures!

When I was first learning natural horsemanship, Pat Parelli's original material was the only comprehensive "home study" available at the time.  While my experiences have greatly expanded since then and I now can relate to any clinician, the Parelli "language" still is dominant in my mind and I am grateful to Pat and his wife, Linda, for starting my journey.  I have studied the Parelli programs Levels 1, 2 and 3 (the orginals - not the newer editions).  I have also studied Parelli's Success Series, Liberty and Horse Behavior and their Patterns program.  In addition, I have finished their older programs of "Spooky Horse," "Catching,"  "Water Crossing," "Clipping," "Trailer Loading" and "Won't Go" and am confident in solving these "problems."  Linda Parelli's "Game of Contact" and Colleen Kelly's "Rider Biomechanics" in combination with Karen Rohlf's "Dressage, Naturally" program and Walter Zettl's "A Matter of Trust Series" are also programs that I am perpetually studying. I also have enjoyed learning from Dan James of Double Dan Horsemanship. I participated in one of his long-reining clinics in 2013 to learn their techniques and have now successfully incorporated this method as a bridge between ground work & riding.  I like to experiment & try new things!  I also have studied Clinton Anderson's "newer" "Fundamentals" program, his older, original "Riding With Confidence II and III" series as well as his "Starting Under Saddle," "Round Penning" and "Hobbling & Leg Restraints" programs and his newer "Gaited Horsemanship" program.¹  In addition I have attended many clinics/courses presented by Clinton Anderson, John Lyons, Pat & Linda Parelli, Richard Shrake, Chris Cox, Curt Pate, Richard Winters, Lynn Palm, Stacy Westfall, Tommie Turvey & Karen Turvey, the late & wonderful Ray Hunt, Craig Cameron, Julie Goodnight, Dan James (Double Dan), Buck Brannaman, Smokie Brannaman, etc.¹  I have read & studied numerous books from Dr. Robert M. Miller to Tom Dorrance and everything in between. I LOVE learning and challenging myself & my horses!  Every program, clinic & book reveals a new tidbit of information that is fascinating!

True to Adoration Equine's Main Page introduction...

"You don't really know...what you don't know... Until... you know!"

I hope you will join me on this GREAT ADVENTURE!

1None of the programs, clinicians nor publications promote Adoration Equine Natural Horsemanship.  They have been tools enjoyed by me to learn and I will be glad to share any information and sources on how to obtain your own copies and information.

Chris Cox
Ray Hunt
Clinton Anderson
Learning Long Reining from Dan James
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