Adoration Equine, LLC


How often have you heard this statement?  "Horses are easy. Kick 'em to go and pull 'em to stop."  If only it were that easy!  Unlike a car, they do have individual personalities & opinions.  Safety requires knowing how to engage them mentally, emotionally and then physically so that you work as a team instead of as opposing forces.

How does one do that?  Learn to think like a horse.  Cause your idea to become his and you will succeed.  Force, intimidation & miscommunication are the number one causes of accidents with horses.  There is a better and much safer way!

Of course, people also have individual personalities and opinions.  Therefore, lessons are student and horse specific. If you share with me what you hope to learn and what your goals are, I will be sure you are on the right path... even if it doesn't include me.  If you don't have specifics, then it would fall under "General Studies" similar to the classes you would take in the beginning of a college pursuit.  For specifics in lessons, please see "Refinement" under the Training link.

Lessons are available:

  • Off-site at your farm/boarding facility with your horse(s). 
  • On-site as a trailer-in with your horse(s)
  • On-site with with one of my horses.
  • Please ask about other options.

Adoration Equine's program is a merger of several different natural clinician's beliefs sprinkled with "normal" beliefs (naturalized) and then combined with what we've found to work with clients' and our own horses.  It is our own unique recipe yet you may recognize some "name brand" ingredients with  generic names. If you have questions, please ask.  We are willing to give our perspectives and/or explanations to form a common denominator applicable to all methods.

Lessons vary according to your skill level.  All will start with ground work to establish and/or verify communication and respect. Ground work also includes long-reining (ground driving). I'm happy to progress you as quickly as you and your horse are ready.  Riding may or may not be a component in the early lessons.  Eventually, riding will become the main component of the lesson (if you wish).  Riding can be from basics to refinement in a specific discipline. All lessons are customized according to the horse's and student's readiness to move on to the next step.

A self-evaluation questionnaire will be completed by each student to best determine how to customize his/her lessons.  Students will also be asked to decide on a short-term and a long-term goal so that s/he will feel a sense of achievement.