Adoration Equine, LLC

Problem Solving

Problem solving involves working on a specific issue that a horse may have.  Problems range from mild (the dreaded water crossing) to severe (extreme needle phobias).  I can help with many problems.  I like to look at each horse from an "innocent until proven guilty" standpoint.  Of course, I'm not foolish enough to not take precautions.

Since it is usually impossible to know what happened in a horse's past to make him or her respond the way s/he does to a particular situation, it is unfair to place the blame solely on the horse.  Sometimes it's as simple as showing a a way he understands...that his fear is unfounded. Sometimes it could be a physical issue and the horse won't do something because of pain. In other instances it may be a lack of respect.  The range of fear, of pain & of respect (or lack of) can be simplistic to complex.  It really depends on the horse.  What I can share are some common denominators in problem solving.  I will be glad to look at each situation independently and share with you my analysis. Some solutions are simple; some are not.

If I feel I am well-matched to help you and your horse, I will propose a solution and let you come to a decision on what you would like to do.  Some problems only take a couple of hours to solve; some take much longer.  The longer ones are a complexity of issues that each have to be worked through individually before we can solve what was thought to be just "one" problem.  Often the "problem" also involves the owner making some changes.  That often is harder than the horse changing.  If you are determined, you will succeed.  I will share each step that I take so that you can understand your horse better.  It is important to have owner involvement so that you & your horse are of one mind.  As long as you remain consistent in maintaining the correct behavior, your horse will understand and will be willing to cooperate.