Adoration Equine, LLC

Starting or Restarting a Horse

Starting a horse that has never been trained nor has any "bad" experiences is usually much easier than re-starting a horse.  I can help with both.  If you are new to natural horsemanship, please understand it will be much easier for you to learn on a horse that already knows the language than trying to train an untrained horse.  If you're working with a young horse, you will be messing with a clean slate and will possibly teach something you really didn't want to teach if your timing is off.  I can't tell you how many times I've had to help fix a "problem" due to someone rewarding a behavior that they didn't realize they were rewarding.  The ideal in this situation is for you to take lessons to work on yourself for feel, timing & balance.  When this becomes solid, your chance of success will be much greater.  Of course, I realize that the "ideal' doesn't always fit into people's lives and I have helped and do help people with no "natural" experience start their own horses.  It is possible, but be aware that it takes longer as you're working on both of you.

Restarting a horse can be a challenge.  We could be working through things as serious as rearing & kicking out to bolting & non-responsiveness to having a nice clean stop, etc.  Again, ideally, it would be best to learn on a horse that already knows.  However, I realize most want to learn with their own horse (including me as that's the course I took first as well).  If a horse already has bad habits, you can learn with this horse if you are used to these behaviors and if you are open to changing your own behaviors & reactions as well.  I can help get you through the dangerous part (if any) & empower you to make the changes necessary.  When these horses realize there is a language, the change in them can be quite drastic.  It never fails to choke me up when I see the owner & horse finally come to an understanding and both connect as partners.

In both starting and restarting a horse, it involves lessons and training combined.  I get things started for the horse; you reinforce them.  When I come for the next session, you will either have had a success or not.  Failure isn't failure unless you don't learn from it.  Embrace the mistakes and learn.  I will help get you back on the right track to help you to become more clear in your communication.  It takes time, but it works beautifully.

On occasion, I do take a horse & work with it alone for clarity for the horse.  Sometimes it's the best thing to do in a challenging situation.   It would be a "per case" situation with an evaluation required.   As always, feel free to ask questions.