Adoration Equine, LLC

Horses 101

Did you know? Nearly 80% of all new horse owners lose their interest or sell their horse within the first year? 80% of the remaining 20% lose their interest in the next 5 years.  Only 4% last past 5 years!  Why?  Lack of information which leads to fear & frustration... and opens the door for injuries and the loss of your dream... Don't become a statistic!

This is a practical, one-time, "non-denominational," 1+ hour, crash course in all things equine.  Whether a not-for-profit troop/club meeting OR for those who are considering first-time horse ownership OR have never owned a horse "at home" OR for those who just "want to know."  Discussions can include, but are not limited to horse psychology & equine behavior(s), shelter, health care, equipment, etc. All questions and comments are welcome.  We can customize the session to your needs.

Sessions are by-appointment only.  Fee is negotiable.