Adoration Equine, LLC


"Your lessons are worth their weight in gold." - BL

"You're giving me hope!" - BJ

"OMG!  I have a different horse!  This is so worth it." - GK

"Thanks again so much, it was one of the best parties we have been to." - MDL

"Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your expertise and encouragement." - CM

"Thank you!  My horse has light in her now!" - EM

"You are such a great instructor and such a blessing for us." - RS

"All the credit for my success goes to you!  I'm so thankful the Lord brought us together :)" - JM

"Just wanted to thank you again.  I think today is going to be a big turning point for my horse and I.  I feel a lot different.  You have definitely given me a new future with him and it feels great." - KG

Had a great afternoon with our horses today...much thanks to your help!  Thought you should know :-) - MCT

I am learning a new language.  Thank you for being my Rosetta Stone - BR

I began taking lessons with Karen in 2010.  Previously, I'd tried a couple of lessons elsewhere but was disappointed with just being plopped on a saddled horse when I instead really wanted a more thorough understanding of what I was doing and why.  With Karen's help, I'm learning about horsemanship in a well-rounded way, from care and handling to the psychology of horses, and from groundwork to riding and more.  Her positive and encouraging teaching style is just what I needed to build my confidence in a safe environment, and her ability to gently push toward new challenges keeps me engaged and always learning.  My life is truly enriched by what I'm learning, and I'm grateful to Karen for sharing with me her great talent, passion and knowledge of horses.

-Anne Rodriquez

I have a Peruvian Paso, who is big for a Peruvian, and he wouldn't back out of my trailer well.  I just let him turn around in the trailer to come out.  After getting bumped around several times, I knew this was NOT a good situation.  I went to visit my friend, Karen, one weekend for trail riding and fun and mentioned it to her.  She told me she could fix that and I said, "Hey, let's try."  So the next day, lessons began.  It actually took one lesson.  She used a rope halter and a 12 ft. lead rope.  It was me learning how to control my horse in the trailer and the horse learning to do things the correct way.  Karen helped me control him in the trailer and position him to make backing out of the trailer easier for him and for me.  He would take two steps back and one forward.  It took about 45 minuites, but he backed out.  Then Karen said, "We need to do this again."... "AGAIN! I'm sweaty from the exercise, my arms are sore and you want me to do it AGAIN!"  Well, with Karen's help, Chico backed out of that trailer about ten times or more.  Karen finally called it quits and we went for a ride.  The next day, we trailered over to Palmyra for a ride.  The whole trip over there I worried as I knew Karen was going to make me back Chico out of the trailer and all I wanted to do was ride.  I didn't want to fight with my horse.  Chico backed out of the trailer like he had done it all his life.  After I came home from my visit with Karen, I worked with Chico every day in the trailer, just loading him and backing him out and he always backed out.  I'm so happy with Chico's backing out of the trailer.  It's so much safer for me and Chico, and I can't believe how quickly Karen helped me accomplish this.  I do a alot of camping by myself and I always worried about getting hurt in the trailer with my horse.  NO more.  Karen was patient (she taught me a lot about patience and persistence with a big animal).  I'm a happy camper and Chico is a much safer horse getting out of the trailer.

-Pat Woods